Getting Started With GoRaidGo

March 19, 2021

GoRaidGo helps users find raids to join and raiders to join your local raids. You can either choose to join an existing raid, or you can choose to post a raid in a gym near you.  If you're posting a raid, you must be able to reach it either with a raid pass or remote raid pass in Pokémon GO!

Download App and Sign Up

  1. Download the GORAIDGO app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (android devices).
  2. Select the Register button.
  3. Complete the following fields on the screen:
    1. Trainer Name - use the same Trainer Name as your Pokémon GO trainer name.
    2. Trainer Code - you must use the correct trainer code from your Pokémon GO account (this should be 12 digit
    3. Trainer Level - remember to update this periodically as you level up in Pokémon GO.
    4. Email - enter your email address to receive updates, tips, and to log into your account.
    5. Password - create a strong password that you will remember but that can’t be easily guessed.

Create Raid Battle

  • Select the Create Battle button.
  • Select the Gym Color.
  • Select the Weather (in your location in Pokémon GO).
  • Select the amount of Time Left.
  • Select the Max Participants you wish to invite to your raid.
  • Select the Raid Boss from the Normal, Rare, Legendary, or Mega categories.
  • Select Create Raid Battle.
  • Wait for participants to join. 
  • Select the Copy All Names button.
  • Accept your friend requests in Pokémon GO.  (When Raiders join your raid, they should send you a friend request in Pokémon GO.) 
  • Go to your selected Raid and enter the gym.
  • Click on the plus symbol to send invitations once you are in the gym. 
  • Click on the magnifying glass icon, and paste the names you have copied. 
  • Select the checkboxes next to your new friends’ names. 
  • Enjoy your raid!

To Join a Raid

  1. Select the Join button. 
  2. Copy the Pokemon trainers trainer code using the clipboard icon to the right of it.
  3. Send a friend request to the trainer in Pokémon GO.
  4. Wait for the invitation!
  5. Join the raid.